Off-Peak Service

Off-peak service is meant to help you save on electric bills since offpeak times are cheaper than on peak time charges. The service entails tuning the meter to read offpeak hours of the electricity providing company of your choice. Zitzow Electric Inc experts have a lot of experience in this, and thus they can enable you to save significant amounts of money on your electric bills.

Fault Locating

This process is carried out if a cable or a wire has been destroyed underground and the location of the damage is not known. Zitzow Electric Inc company believe this task of finding a fault underground should not be difficult to accomplish. They have all the necessary equipment and expertise to locate the electrical fault, opens and other malfunctions of copper and electric telephone systems underground. They can handle problems such as fixtures, panels, dimming lights, faulty parking lot lights, faulty LV lighting, faulty outbuilding power, smoke detectors, voltage drops, circuits, ground fault circuits, meter sockets, arc fault circuits, underground line locating and repairing, timers, neutral and grounding defects, breakers, outlets, switches, masts, heating elements. Their excellent fault location services can help you avoid directional boring or trenching.